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Reuben Sandwich Lenny Briskets

About Our Deli Diner

Leonard Briskets was born in Yonkers New York in the 50s to deli owners. Leonard grew up hating all the work he had to do in the deli, but he loved spending time with his dad, which is how he learned to make good food. Leonard Briskets always wanted to be a lounge singer on the strip, but never had the chops. After a couple of bad business decisions, Leonard moved to Australia to be with his remaining family and make some money to pay off some debts.


In 2021 Lenny Briskets began  with a food truck in Sydney. The legend of his juicy and delicious meats spread through the kingdom of Sydney and subjects far and wide travelled to taste Lenny’s fare.

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Lenny Briskets Food Truck

Versatility in offering

Lenny Briskets has got it all. A fully licensed, quality food offering that is stationed in Darlinghurst and a moving food truck. We take private bookings and can cater for any event

Lenny Briskets Sandwiches

Feel like you're back in the best city in the world

New York City

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