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Looking for full time

Service Staff

     Sandwich Artists

              Prep work in Botany

We are a New York style Deli Diner in Darlinghurst.


We are looking for quality staff in our flagship store and kitchen in Botany.
We pride ourselves on being thoughtful and no nonsense in our approach to hospitality.


Currently we need help filling several roles:

  • Service- More people to join our strong team who pride themselves on customer interaction and service. We need full time staff who are flexible with days, nights are weekends. If you have an RSA great, if you still need to obtain one that's fine too. You're English must be advanced and conversational

  • Kitchen staff in Darlinghurst. Even if you don't have experience but can work hard, we are happy to train you up.

  • Botany kitchen- smoking meats, prepping food. This is where the magic happens.


If you think can do the job, if you want to do the job, if you think you could get good at this job, we want you to apply!
Ideally, you should have a good attitude, a willingness to learn and the ability to take initiative.
Most importantly, Lenny needs to like you. If he doesn't, you'll be out on your keister.

Flexibility in working hours and a willingness to cover shifts as needed

We do require a good level of English to communicate and understand instructions.

COVID-19 considerations: We are COVID safe. All employees to be vaccinated

Email resume to with your desired role, availability and whether you'd like to work in Darlinghurst, our kitchen in Botany or both.

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