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We want to reward customers for returning to Lenny Briskets.

We are launching a program where you can accumulate Lenny Points to earn a free sandwich of your choice.

How it works

Every single size sandwich or naked variation earns 1 Lenny Point.

Every double size sandwich or naked variation earns 2 Lenny Points.

The Grande sandwich or naked variation earns 3 Lenny Points.

Once you have 11 Lenny Points you are eligible to receive any single size sandwich or naked of your choice.

For 17 Lenny Points you can take home a free double size variant or naked.

For 26 Lenny Points you earn yourself a free Grande.

It's pretty simple. Save points or spend points

How to sign up

For online orders the process is automatic. Points accumulate to your signed up login details every time an order is made.

To redeem or earn rewards for transactions completed through our online website, simply ensure your mobile phone number is entered to accrue or apply rewards to the transaction.

For at the counter, simply enter your Phone Number at the counter for your first loyalty order. When you return, your loyalty account will then forever be linked with your payment card which makes loyalty accrual automatic.

At this stage, Lenny Points last for as long as Lenny Briskets does. If we change the program we will provide 30 days notice to redeem accrued points.

Issues with points accrual, redemption

If you have any problems once you sign up, email and we will sort you out.

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