Menu can change on a regular basis

Our butcher is Halal certified and we don't use pork products

Loaded Fries

Loaded Pastrami Fries

Queso, pastrami, jalapeno 


Loaded Vegetarian Pastrami Fries

Queso, smoked eggplant jalapeno


Hot Sandwiches

The French Dip 

Thin sliced beef dipped in jus, piled high topped with horseradish


Deli Classic. Our corned brisket, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, Russian dressing on rye 

Pastrami on Rye

Our Signature sandwich. Smoked pastrami, mustard, rye



Artichoke, Olives, Red Peppers, Swiss Cheese, Parmesan, Spicy Dressing, Herbs. Add Salami if you wish.

Double el Grande

Half a kilo of your favourite Pastrami, on rye. With mustard.




Fennel Coleslaw 

Green Beans with Vinaigrette


Pickles (half sour)


Hot Sandwich PLUS side PLUS drink

 Any sandwich plus side and drinnk combo

250 grams of meat PLUS 2 sides     

1/2lb (250gm) of any meat plus 2 sides 

Meats in a box 

100grams of our meats in a box, order as many grams as you like